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USNS Comfort Visits Belize!

The U.S. Naval Hospital Ship- USNS COMFORT- arrived in Belize on April 9th for its first stop in its six-month humanitarian and civic assistance mission, Continuing Promise Mission 2015. The Continuing Promise Mission 2015 provided medical, dental and veterinary care, humanitarian assistance, and engineering support to local citizens and institutions. USNS COMFORT partnered with the Ministry of Health, B.D.F. and Belize Coast Guard to provide services and build capacity in a number of areas. Captain Sam Hancock said he hopes the work done over the 9-day visit will serve to strengthen the enduring partnership between the U.S. and Belize.

The Continuing Promise Mission 2015 involved over 1,000 crew members and two helicopters, of which brought 100 pallets of medical supplies, sporting equipment, and school bags to the Belizean community. The USNA COMFORT provided Belizeans with medical support free of cost, ranging from small medical treatments up to surgeries. As the mission trip came to an end, more than 4,748 patients were seen and over 66 surgeries were conducted aboard the USNS COMFORT at no cost to the patients.

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