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Requirements for Emergency 

Travel Document


If, for any reason, you must travel to Belize immediately and do not have a passport or your current passport is expired, the Consulate may issue an Emergency Travel Document, allowing you to enter Belize. Once in Belize, however, you must renew your passport before returning to the United States.


Below please find the requirements needed for the Emergency Travel Document. Carefully read the requirements and ensure that all the documents are in order prior to your appointment. All requirements must be presented at the time of your appointment, no exceptions allowed.

(For Belizeans only - One way travel directly to Belize)
1. Photocopy of your expired Belizean passport. 

    Or photocopy of your birth certificate with a copy of a picture ID.
2. Color passport-size photo
3. Completed passport application
4. Fee of $130 in money order ($100 for the document and $30 for FedEx shipping). For those requiring urgent processing, an extra fee of $45.00 applies and the total price would be $175.

Please note that this service is available via mail as well as in person. If you wish to receive your Emergency Travel Document via mail, you will need to mail in all the required documents in addition to notarized copy of passport. 


If you would like to obtain your Emergency Travel Document in person, it is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 

Monday - Friday. Consular Hours: 10:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Please keep in mind that this information may vary and it is always

recommended that you call in advance to inquire.

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