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NICH NOTICE - Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase Showing 2 Films at Banquitas House of Culture in Ora

The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through a collaboration of its Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) and Museum of Belize/ Houses of Culture (MOB/HOCs) will be screening two Caribbean films at the Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk Town tonight, Wednesday, March 27th, 3019 at 6:00 PM. The two films, THE PRICE OF SUGAR (feature length fiction) and FIGHT THE LIONSFISH INVASION (short documentary) are from the line-up of Caribbean films currently screening in Belize as part of the 8th Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase. It is a free cultural showcase screened throughout the Caribbean region and elsewhere that gives us Caribbean people access to Caribbean cinema, where we can see images of ourselves onscreen that correspond to the diversity and similarities of our own cultural, historical and social identities. The Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase is made possible through the efforts of Coordinating Committees in approximately 20 Caribbean countries. In Belize, the Coordinating Committee is comprised of the National Institute of Culture and History (Chair), the Belize National Library Service and Information System and the Embassy of Cuba in Belize. The following lists the details of the films that will be screened:

THE PRICE OF SUGAR (HOE DUUR WAS DE SUIKER) Director: Jean Van de Velde, NETHERLANDS, 2013 / 120 min / Fiction, ADULTS (View Trailer )

THE PRICE OF SUGAR is the story of two stepsisters who grew up together on a plantation in Suriname in the seventeenth century. One is white and the other is the slave who takes care of her and is about the same age. Both will follow different paths, but always close enough. The first will become cruel, capricious, and she will also have several romances and hate everyone who is happy, trying to destroy the happiness of others. The second, her slave, will eventually become a good person and will try to find love.

FIGHT AGAINST THE LIONFISH INVASION Director: Katja Doehne BELIZE, 2014 / 7 min / Documentary

Beautiful to watch, dangerous to touch: The Lion-fish is a recent invasive species in the Caribbean with a big appetite, and no predators. It’s rapidly breeding and eating its way through the country’s pristine barrier reef, a top diving destinations. Now the people of Belize are trying to fight back – by catching and eating the venomous fish. Don’t miss out on these great presentations at 6:00 PM inside the Banquitas House of Culture, today, Wednesday, March 27th, 2019. We look forward to seeing you there!

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