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July's Star of the Month, Jaime Mejia

Jaime Mejia, CEO of JEMPRO Appliances, was born and raised in Bel

ize City. Growing up in the Belizean community taught Mr. Mejia a lot about hard work and experience. He began to work with big companies such as Grainger and Marcone, where he had the ability to absorb much knowledge and experience in commercial and residential appliance parts.

In Miami, his home for over 37 years, Mr. Mejia launched his own company, JEMPRO Appliances, retailers of appliance and A/C parts for all major brand appliances and A/C systems. Today, Mr. Mejia has not only excelled as an entrepreneur, but has been so successful as to have been able to open his second store just 8 years later, in 2014, due to his vast knowledge of different air conditioning and refrigeration systems , as well as appliances, which has set him apart from other appliance part centers.

Apart from his successful career, Mr. Mejia still finds the time to give back to his Belizean community. Mr. Mejia and his family have participated in several back pack drives in Florida and Belize, sponsored/donated to several events such as Belize Football Team for the World Cup, the Belize Cancer Walk, Scholarship Funds, sending clothes to help displaced women so they get out into the workplace, Christmas Toy Drives, as well as other charities in Belize!

Mr. Mejia, husband, father of 3 and grandfather of 3, is constantly looking for new drives/events to become associated with! We appreciate all that you do for the Belizean Community and are excited to see what you will do next!

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