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Top 3 reasons to advertise with the Belize Business Directory!

1. The w

ebsite is a huge driver of traffic

The Consulate's first client to join the Belize Business Directory, GT Express Inc, saw a spike in his email subscribers within just several weeks. The increase in phone calls and emails convinced GT Express that they should focus on advertising with the Belize Business Directory. Since joining the Belize Business Directory a year ago, their shipping services have escalated a total of 27%.

The Consulate gains much traffic due to the many services provided. Belizeans enter the website for numerous reasons such as for the renewal, first issue or replacement of their passport, Emergency Travel Documents, and retirement information. Foreigners also visit the website regularly to obtain information about visas, retirement, trade & investment, and tourism.

2. The Monthly Newsletter has direct linkage to website

The Consulate's Monthly Newsletter reaches all kinds of people; from foreigners, to businesses, to Belizeans, and even to government officials. The Belize Business Directory advertisement on the Monthly Newsletter is linked directly to the website, therefore leading a wider range of people and possible clients and consumers to your business.

"As I was increasing in clientele, I became curious as to how I was getting business from people other than Belizeans. When I asked where they heard from El Fogon, they said that they are recipients of the Consulate's Monthly Newsletter and saw the advertisement, which directed them to the restaurant's website," said Olive Dominguez. "Due to the vast amount of advertisement and publicity, El Fogon is now listed on 'Trip Advisor' in the Hall of Fame!"

3. Multiple Exposure opportunities

The Belize Business Directory is advertised in numerous different places. Not only is it advertised in the Monthly Newsletter and on the website, but it is also displayed as a slideshow in the Consulate's waiting room for all of those coming in and out of the office to see as well as exposed at all of our events.

The Consulate is anticipating a cultural festival at the end of the year and expects over 2,500 people to attend. At the event, the Belize Business Directory will have its own area where flyers and business cards will be distributed, enhancing their advertisement outreach.

Click here for more information on details and pricing.

For more information on how you can advertise your business with the Belize Business Directory,

please contact us at (305)755-0276 or

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