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Requirements for First Issue

of Belize Passport


Dear Applicant,


​Below please find the requirements needed to apply for the renewal of a Belizean Passport. Carefully read the requirements listed below and ensure that all the documents are in order prior to your appointment. All requirements must be presented at the time of your appointment, no exceptions allowed.


1. Completed Belize passport application form with a 2"x2" photo (form attached).

2. Your recommender

  • must be an adult born Belizean or Belizean by Descent who has know you for more than a year.

  • must be a holder of a valid Belize Machine Readable Passport.

  • must endorse & sign the reverse side of the photograph with the words: "I certify that this is alikeness of (Name of Applicant)"

For your application, you’ll need your recommender’s full name, address, phone number, and current valid passport details and a copy of his/her passport. The recommender must sign Section 7 of application form and the back of your passport photo. The recommender can be a family member or a friend who holds a Belizean passport.


3. Original Belizean Birth Certificate or Original Belize Nationality Certificate.


4. If your name has changed from that in your birth certificate or nationality certificate through marriage or otherwise, you must provide original marriage certificate, divorce decree, or deed poll registered in Belize.

5.  Valid identification card. Belizean License is not accepted.


6. Service Fee: $200.00 USD in money order ONLY, (This includes a $30 FedEx shipping fee).


The approximate waiting period is 2-3 months, given that there are no delays. Please note that the waiting period may vary and, thus, we strongly advise you not to book any flight tickets without first having received your new passport. The Consulate will not be responsible for any loss as a result of a missed flight. 


Your photograph will be taken at the consulate, these are the criteria:

      1.  Covered shoulders.

      2.  Pulled back hair.

      3.  No earrings.

      4. No glasses.



Please note that this is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Monday – Friday

Consular Hours: 10:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 2:00pm



Please keep in mind that this information may vary. We urge you to plan in advance and apply for a

new passport as soon as 6 months prior to the expiration date.

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