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Belize Business Directory


The Belize Business Directory features the advertisement of businesses to Belizeans, foreigners, government officials and more! The Belize Business Directory offers great exposure for your business and will extend the advertisement to a distinct audience and bridge the gap of opportunities.


Our Belize Business Directory has several perks and advantages. The Directory is featured on our website, as well as in a slide-show video in the Consulate's waiting area visited daily by foreigners and Belizeans. Hard copies of Business cards or flyers from your company will be distributed at all of our events and those hosted by the community, potentially reaching hundreds of people in one day. At our upcoming festival, we are looking to host approximately 2,500 people, in which the Directory will be distributed at as well.


Please see the attached form for the breakdown of prices and details. Click here for the Top 3 Reasons to Advertise your Business with the Belize Business Directory!



We look forward to conducting business with you! 

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